Ohio Valley Opportunities recently announced the availability of the Energy Assistance Program. During the winter heating season this program can provide financial assistance to help low-income households meet the increased cost of heating their home. This program cannot pay the full cost of heating bills, nor can it pay connection fees. Payment is based on a matrix table, considering household size, type of heating source, etc. This program is especially helpful to the elderly and disabled and those living on fixed incomes.

The allocation of EAP funding has been reduced considerably from the amount available last year and funds are given on a first come, first served basis. OVO is scheduling appointments for individuals wishing to enroll in the EAP 2011 program.

To schedule an appointment to enroll in EAP call (866) 782-5882 or (812) 265-5882. Phone lines are very busy and OVO asks for patience if a busy signal is received.

Individuals on a fixed income (social security, Veteran's benefits, workers compensation) may be able to mail-in an application instead of scheduling an in-person appointment.