A group from Trinity United Methodist Church recently traveled to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Ky. The group, led by Pastor Dennis Ingle and Christian education director Carolyn Markwood, painted, replaced gutters, replaced doors, fixed sheds and worked on other projects from July 21 to July 27. This was the church's first mission trip in five years. Those participating were, from left to right: front, Destiny Lock, Rebekah Israel and Paulette Koronkevich; middle, Tom Altermatt, Linda Altermatt, Jade Caudle, Melanie Childress, Carolyn Markwood, Chloe Wingham, Nancy Crozier, Zoe Davis, Nancy Jones, Dennis Ingle; and back, John Tingle, Taylor Wingham, Jacob Binzer, Jake Robinson, Shelly Hamilton, Dick Jones. Ed Giesler, Jim Bishop and Jerry Dennis are not pictured. (Submitted photo)