The Jefferson County Drug Court held its second graduation Tuesday.

Jasmine Mardello, 27, was the first participant to be accepted into the Drug Court two years ago and has now successfully completed all program requirements.

Mardello, who is a mother of three young sons, said she wanted to go through drug court because she was fearful she would die through overuse.

Mardello said the she had lost her home, her car and her relationship with her children through her drug use. She even suffered an overdose.

Mardello credits the drug court with changing her thinking and attitudes to achieve clean and sober living. She had an addiction to heroin and has been clean for 15 months. She has obtained steady employment and was promoted to a management position. She attends church regularly and was recently baptized.

Jefferson Superior Court Judge Alison Frazier, who supervises the drug court, said that it has been a joy to watch Mardello grow and develop and start to live her life with hope for the future.