Doughboy (Submitted photo)
Doughboy (Submitted photo)
DOUGHBOY is a long-haired boy who loves to play. He especially likes to play with feathers, so much so that a bird in his new home is not a good idea. He will play rough when he gets excited, so watch out for his claws. He does not like to be picked up and carried, he does not like cat carriers, and he does not like other cats. Doughboy is cautious with dogs, but will ignore them if they leave him alone. He will need to be brushed often to keep his gray and white fur from tangles. He also sheds a lot, so brushing regularly will help with that. He is two-years-old and is neutered. His adoption fee is $45, plus the cost of his rabies vaccination.

WHITNEY is a sweet and friendly girl. She tends to be aloof and stand-offish behind her kennel door, but open that door and watch what happens. She will wiggle all over and go belly up for tummy rubs. She loves to be petted. Watch out for her tail, though, she gets so happy that her wagging tail becomes dangerous. She enjoys body contact and will lean. She will even crawl on laps if allowed. She will gently wrestle during playtime, though she can get a little mouthy when she plays. She will squeal with excitement when she is enjoying herself and will try to talk at other times too. She does not like cats, but other dogs are okay. Small children might have trouble with her because she loves to rub her body all over people and would easily knock over a child accidentally. She is a 1- to 3-year-old, blue — silver gray — Pit Bull Terrier mix who weighs 57 pounds. Her adoption fee is $25, plus the cost of her spay and rabies vaccination.

The Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter currently has eight dogs or puppies, and seven cats or kittens available. Pictures of additional pets waiting for adoption can be viewed at

The shelter’s annual 5K Spring Sprint is set for April 1. Registration fees are $25 and forms are available at the shelter.

Normal shelter hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 1 to 7 p.m., Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. It is closed Tuesday. The shelter number is (812) 273-1788 and the email is

The shelter is a registered organization with the Kroger Community Rewards program. To support the shelter, register a Kroger card at and enter NPO 63224.

Support the shelter while walking your dog. Use the WoofTrax app to support the shelter while walking. The app is available through the App Store, Google Play, or at For each mile walked, a donation is made to the shelter.

A list of needed items can be found on the shelter website. Donations can be mailed to 2727 Hannah Drive, Madison, IN 47250 or dropped off during shelter hours. The shelter also accepts aluminum and steel cans, which are recycled and the proceeds put toward the medical fund. Recent donations have helped get treatment for a beagle with a skin infection and a cat with wounds. The shelter asks that aluminum and steel donations be separated. Cans can be dropped off at anytime in a bin located on the east side of the shelter.

Those with missing pets can stop by the shelter, call or email a complete description of the pet, when and where it was last seen, the owner’s name and contact information, and a picture of the pet. Pets are held for three days before they are made available for adoption.

Animals should not be abandoned outside of the shelter or dropped off at the shelter after hours.

For animal control issues in Madison, call (812) 265-3347. For animal control issues in Hanover and Jefferson County, call (812) 265-2648.