Buttons (Submitted photo)
Buttons (Submitted photo)
Buttons, top, is a sweet, big boy, weighing 17 pounds. He has long silky hair and could be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix. He has brown tabby stripes with white on his face, chest and toes. He is 3 to 5-years-old and does not like to be held for long periods. He is neutered and his adoption fee is $25. He still needs a rabies vaccination, but it has been paid for by a sponsor. There are seven adult cats at the shelter with $25 adoption fees.

Zoey, bottom, is an affectionate, little girl. She is curious, likes to explore, and would enjoy walks. She likes other dogs and gets along with cats. She is allergic to fleas and needs to be on flea preventative. She is a Shih Tzu and has dry eyes that is common to the breed. She should have inexpensive eye drops daily to moisten them. She is only 5- to 7-years-old, but already has a cataract in her left eye.

The Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter currently has more than 13 dogs and puppies, and 23 cats and kittens available. Pictures of additional pets waiting for adoption can be viewed at www.sisaveapet.com.

Normal shelter hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 1 to 7 p.m., Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. It is closed Tuesday. The shelter number is (812) 273-1788 and the email is jcas39@seidata.com.

Volunteers are need to photograph pets at the shelter. A pet's photo is often the potential adopter's first impression, how people find lost animals and how other adoption organizations decide which animals to help. Volunteers need their own camera, photo-editing software and a computer with internet access.

The shelter is accepting applications for foster parents, who would be willing to care for dogs and cats in their homes. Possible foster situations include pregnant and nursing animals, dogs recuperating from heartworm treatment, puppies and kittens that need to be bottle fed and special needs animals. Applications are available at the shelter.

Volunteers are always welcome at the shelter to help with walking dogs, playing with puppies and kittens and many other tasks. Volunteers must be 16 years old.

The shelter is in need of kitten food, dry bagged food is most often used, but soft canned food is also appreciated. A list of other needed items can be found on the shelter website. Donations can be mailed to 2727 Hannah Drive, Madison, IN 47250 or dropped off during shelter hours.

Those with missing pets can stop by the shelter, call or email a complete description of the pet, when and where it was last seen, the owner's name and contact information, and a picture of the pet. Pets are held for three days for owners to reclaim them, before they are made available for adoption.

Animals should not be abandoned outside of the shelter or dropped off at the shelter after hours.

For animal control issues in Madison call (812) 265-3347. For animal control issues in Hanover and Jefferson County call (812) 265-2648.