Price (Submitted photo)
Price (Submitted photo)
PRICE is fun-loving and energetic. He enjoys running and would enjoy a jogging partner or someone who will play fetch with him. Treats are one of his favorite things, which will make teaching new commands or tricks easier. He is only 1- to 2-years-old. Although he still has some of his puppy energy, he is actually a pretty quiet guy and does not bark much. He needs to be introduced slowly to dogs that he does not know. If they run up to him or come up quietly behind him, he will be defensive. If he is introduced calmly to a new dog though, he will be ready to play with his new friend. However, he does not consider cats his friends and will need a home without them. He is a brindle and white Labrador retriever/boxer mix, who weighs 43 pounds. His adoption fee is $25, plus the cost of his neuter and rabies vaccination.

SKYBAR likes to cuddle. She is a 12- to 14-week-old, tuxedo kitten who is still looking for someone to adopt her. Her litter was named after retro candy, and her brothers Zagnut and Charleston Chew are still available for adoption too. Kitten season is winding down now that fall is coming, but the shelter is currently overflowing with kittens of all personalities and colors. Some kittens have been at the shelter since July and aren’t enjoying growing up in a shelter. In an effort to find homes for them, all unaltered cats and kittens are $45 off their fees courtesy of the Jefferson County Humane Society.

The Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter currently has 10 dogs or puppies, and 37 cats or kittens available. Pictures of additional pets waiting for adoption can be viewed at

All cats and kittens are currently sponsored for $45 by the Jefferson County Humane Society. The discount does not apply to cats who have already been spayed or neutered.

Normal shelter hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 1 to 7 p.m., Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. It is closed Tuesday. The shelter number is (812) 273-1788 and the email is

The shelter is in need of clay cat litter and dry kitten food. The shelter cannot use clumping litter. A list of other needed items can be found on the shelter website. Donations can be mailed to 2727 Hannah Drive, Madison, IN 47250 or dropped off during shelter hours. The shelter also accepts aluminum and steel cans, which are recycled and the proceeds put toward the medical fund. Recent donations have helped get treatment for a beagle with a skin infection and a cat with wounds. The shelter asks that aluminum and steel donations be separated.

Those with missing pets can stop by the shelter, call or email a complete description of the pet, when and where it was last seen, the owner’s name and contact information, and a picture of the pet. Pets are held for three days before they are made available for adoption.

Animals should not be abandoned outside of the shelter or dropped off at the shelter after hours.

For animal control issues in Madison, call (812) 265-3347. For animal control issues in Hanover and Jefferson County, call (812) 265-2648.