American Legion Post #9 Scholarship: Connor Boone, Shelby Greene and Megan Goebel, all awarded $500.

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship: Connor Boone, $500.

American Association of University Women Scholarship: Addie Davis, $500.

American Red Cross Scholarship: Connor Boone and Addie Davis, both awarded $500.

Bellarmine University, Merit Scholarship: Andrew Ott.

Choice Automobiles of Madison Car Club Scholarship: Shelby Greene, $500.

Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County Hall Family Scholarship: Sarah Sanders, $200. Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County Father Hilary G. Meny Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $500.

Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County George & June Kirk Scholarship: Shelby Greene, $13,000.

Community Foundation of Switzerland County: Connor Boone, Taylor Grote, Sarah Sanders and Andrew Ott, each awarded $500.

Molly Dattilo Follow Your Dreams Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $500.

Myrna & Leslie Dattilo Memorial Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $1,000.

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship: Shelby Greene, $250.

Louis A. Ernst Family Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $2,000.

Franklin College, Discovery Scholarship: Megan Goebel.

Jim & Nancy Sedam Family Scholarship: Chase Heaton, $200.

Father Charles Walsh Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Grote, $300.

John & Mary Dierkes Memorial Scholarship: Connor Boone, $500

Karen Dierkes Ihle Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $4,000 and Connor Boone $2,000.

Chuck Hall Family Memorial Scholarship: Chase Heaton, $2,500.

Hanover College, Donner Scholarship: Casey Applegate.

Indiana Army National Guard: Garel Blanchard and Nash Uebel.

Kiwanis Club of Madison Paul Roahrig Scholarship: Shelby Green, $250.

Kiwanis Club of Madison Connor K. Salm Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $1,000.

Knights of Columbus Outstanding Catholic Youth Award: Nickie Fitton, $400.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Shelby Green, $300.

Madison Lions Club "We Serve Award:" Addie Davis, $500.

Madison Rotary Club Bill Oldaker Scholarship: Shelby Green, $400.

Madison Rotary Club Larry & Charmaine Owens Scholarship: Sarah Sanders, $600.

"All About Me" Book Award: Sarah Sanders, $250.

Rotary Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $1,000.

Madison Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $500.

Mountjoy Family Memorial Scholarship: Addie Davis, Megan Goebel and Chase Heaton, each awarded $4,132.

Lucille Pratt Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $1,000.

Purdue University, Academic Scholarship: Taylor Grote.

River Valley Financial "AIM" Scholarship: Megan Goebel, $500.

Ivy Tech Community College Scholarship: Addie Davis, $1,000.

Topper 4 News Scholarship: Trent Scroggins, $250.

Tri Kappa Awards: Connor Boone and Andrew Ott, each awarded $500.

Vehicle Service Group Scholarship: Chase Heaton, $1,000.

Alpha Associates Chapter of Tri Kappa: Chase Heaton, $100.

Delta Kappa Gamma Award: Nickie Fitton, $100.

Jefferson County Extension Homemakers: Connor Boone, $300.

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Trent Scroggins, $500.

Jefferson County Retired Teachers' Association Scholarship: Madison Drumm, $250.

Teresa Koczergo Memorial Scholarship: Madison Drumm, $200.

Phi Beta Psi Sorority Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $300.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Honors & Legacy Scholarships: Nickie Fitton.

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 9: Megan Goebel, $500.

Transylvania University, Studio Art & STEM Scholarship: Sarah Sanders

Twenty-First Century Scholar: Trent Scroggins.

University of Cincinnati Century Scholarship: Connor Boone.

VanWye Family Arts & Theatre Scholarship: Casey Applegate, $200.

Florence VanWye Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Ott, $200 and Taylor Grote and Megan Goebel, $100.

Yunker Foundation Scholarship: Casey Applegate and Sarah Sanders, each awarded $3,000.