Christian Academy of Carrollton recently announced its honor roll and a list of students with perfect attendance for the final grading period of the 2013-2014 school year.

Students recognized were:

First Grade

A: Abigail Young, Coy Willhoite, Caitlyn Satchwell and Sargun Kaur.

A and B: Lili Short.

Perfect Attendance: Sky Mayes and Coy Willhoite.

Second Grade

A: Daisy Mayes and Karah Southworth.

A and B: Gabriel Combs, Braydon Taylor and Clay Cooper.

Perfect Attendance: Daisy Mayes.

Third Grade

A: Luke Shea and Isabella Nelson.

A and B: Ella Hartman, Ryan Hill and Charityn Marsh.

Perfect Attendance: Mallery Hubbuck, Ryan Hill, Charityn Marsh and Luke Shea.

Fourth Grade

A and B: Destin Combs and Janalynn Hon.

Perfect Attendance: Levi Cary, Connor Hill and Janalynn Hon.

Fifth Grade

A and B: Jessy Martin and Rebecca Sutherland.

Perfect Attendance: Jessy Martin, Jaydin Stamper and Rebecca Sutherland.

Sixth Grade

Perfect Attendance: Kyle McCormick.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

A: Nate Newcomer and Sarah Cary.

A and B: Joshua Rhea.

Perfect Attendance: Casey Martin and Megan Green.

Ninth-Twelfth Grade

A: Christina Rhea, Austin Martin, Nikki Chavez and Matt Newcomer.

A and B: Gabriella Kamphouse.

Perfect Attendance: Joel Cary, Austin Martin, Nikki Chavez and Matt Newcomer.