Canaan Community Academy recently held its end of the year awards ceremony and recognized the following students:


Academic Award: Lainie Alexander, Aidan Ulery, Braylon Kent, Hunter Surrett and Emmianna Dowell

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Emmianna Dowell

Outstanding Achievement in Math: Aidan Ulery

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Paislee Chambers, Harper Conard and Tristan Brooks

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Emmianna Dowell, Morgan Perry, Aidan Ulery and Jeremiah Lengerich

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Colten Jester

Outstanding Citizenship: Lainie Alexander, Harper Conard and Gracie Evans

First Grade

A: Lilly Cox, Brooklyn Hall, Waylon Lee and Kaitlynn Stucker.

A and B: Damon Harden, Gracey Kincaid, Brady Lock, Jayden Marlette, Christopher Payne, Keragan Spry and Trenton Bivens

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Waylon Lee

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: John Robbins

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Marissa Brooks, Rafael Gonzalez, Waylon Lee, Kaitlynn Stucker and Brooklyn Hall

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Morgan Fulton

Outstanding Citizenship: Lilly Cox

Second Grade

A: Haden Hall

A and B: Emily Kent, Daisy Mullins, Ethan Rayles, Kambell Spry and Shalynne Robbins

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Junior Gonzalez, James Brooks and Jordan Morris

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Haden Hall and Lucias Sever

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Adam Voris, Dwight Robbins, Emily Kent, Haden Hall, Destiny Black, Junior Gonzalez and James Brooks

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Shalynne Robbins

Outstanding Citizenship: Kambell Spry

Third Grade

A: Nathan Backus, Druce Chandler, Wyatt Lundergan, Jacob Ruble and Belle Stucker

A and B: Maddie Backus, Elise Brooks, Adia Garrett, Atticus Hayes and Mary Tuttle

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Jacob Ruble, Wyatt Lundergan and Belle Stucker

Reading Award: Atticus Hayes

I-READ Award: Jacob Ruble

Outstanding Achievement in Spelling: Druce Chandler

Outstanding Achievement in Math: Nathan Backus

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Elise Brooks

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Maddie Backus, Elise Brooks, Druce Chandler and Adia Garrett

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Elise Brooks

Outstanding Citizenship: Nathan Backus and Jacob Ruble

Fourth Grade

A and B: Sarah Backus, Kailee Chambers, Emma Robbins, Sydney Stockman, Morgan Conard and Kenslei Spry

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Sarah Backus, Emma Robbins and Sydney Stockman

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Lindsey Edgington

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Sarah Backus, Morgan Conard, Daniel Foley-Watson, Sydney Stockman and Sydney Scrogham

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Sydney Scrogham

Outstanding Citizenship: Zander Stephen

Fifth Grade

A: Bethany Dashzeveg, Mckenzy Gray, Keaton Rowlett, Jade Nutley, Ryan Kent and Jalahn Honaker

A and B: Aidan Chandler, Presley Coots, Jordan Houchen, Trotter Johnson, Jacob Tarner, Kisja Tatman and Bladen White

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Aidan Chandler, Bethany Dashzeveg, Jordan Houchen, Jalahn Honaker, Jade Nutley, Keaton Rowlett and Jacob Tarner

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Jacob Tarner and Presley Coots

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Jade Nutley, Misty Edwards, Damien Garrett, Jordan Houchen, Ryan Kent and Daniel Tipton

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Keaton Rowlett

Outstanding Citizenship: Presley Coots and Bethany Dashzeveg

Outstanding Citizenship: Ryan Kent, awarded by the administration for respect and honor given to the flag

Perfect Attendance: Keaton Rowlett

Sixth Grade

Certification of Completion: Hunter Alcorn, Breanna Christine Bradley, Trinidie Paige Brooks, Adrian Elisha Charles Dean, Brennan Lee Green, Seth Alexander Jones, Treven Lowell Miller, Austin Wayne Robbins, Deanna Marie Voris and Joshua Bradley Walter

A and B: Hunter Alcorn, Breanna Bradley, Austin Robbins and Deanna Voris

Outstanding Improvement for this School Year: Breanna Bradley and Austin Robbins

Outstanding Achievement in Art: Hunter Alcorn, Breanna Bradley, Austin Robbins and Deanna Voris

Outstanding Achievement in Music: Adrian Dean

Outstanding Citizenship: Deanna Voris

Outstanding Citizenship for our Country: Austin Robbins

Outstanding Reading Achievement: Hunter Alcorn, Adrian Dean, Deanna Voris, Austin Robbins and Breanna Bradley

Three local students were named to the dean's list for the winter semester at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Dean's list students must earn a 3.3 or higher grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Those named to the list were:

Noah Hamner, a senior, chemical engineering major, is the son of Rusty and Susanne Hamner.

Corey Povaleri, a junior, mechanical engineering major, is the son of Tony and Tina Povaleri of Deputy.

Lindsey Watterson, a senior, software engineering and biomedical engineering major, is the daughter of Dennis and Cheryl Watterson of Terre Haute.