Kaity Sublett, 30, on Tuesday became the fourth graduate of the Jefferson County Drug Court. She started the program on May 10, 2011, and has now completed all program requirements.

Sublett entered the drug court recovering from an addiction to pain pills and illegal narcotics, said Superior Court Judge Alison Frazier, who coordinates the drug court. She has been drug-free for 17 months after a decade of substance abuse.

Sublett credits the drug court with helping her face her past fears and failures and with developing new attitudes and strategies to live a productive life. She now feels in control of her life and fully accountable for her actions. Sublett has reestablished a relationship with her three young children and has obtained steady, full-time employment.

Now that she is graduating, Sublett is motivated to make others aware of the nondiscriminatory nature of addiction. She is actively involved in an alumni group of recent drug court graduates who support each other and current drug court participants.

Sublett enjoyed the weekly court sessions because she received recognition of her accomplishments and motivation to continue.

Frazier said that Sublett's determination to achieve and maintain sobriety is evident in her words, actions, and daily life.

"She has earned the respect and admiration of the Court, the entire drug court team, and her peers. Kaity will undoubtedly be rewarded throughout her life for all of her efforts in the drug court program," Frazier said in a release.