(Staff photo by Renee Bruck/rbruck@madisoncourier.com)
(Staff photo by Renee Bruck/rbruck@madisoncourier.com)
A Madison couple welcomed their first child — and the first baby of 2016 born at King’s Daughters’ Hospital — hours after ringing in the new year.

Lucy Marie Carroll was born at 2:17 p.m. on Friday. She weighs 8 pounds, 5 ounces and is 20 inches long.

Parents Travis and Jennifer Carroll didn’t think they would be waiting until the new year to meet their daughter. Her due date was Dec. 29, but Jennifer never really expected Lucy’s arrival to be in 2016, let alone be the first baby born in the new year at KDH.

The couple went to the hospital after Jennifer was scheduled to be induced in the final days of 2015, but several other soon-to-be moms came to the hospital in active labor so the couple and doctors decided to wait a while.

After 18 hours of labor, Lucy became the first of three babies born at KDH on New Years Day.

Although Travis and Jennifer had to wait a few more days than expected to meet their new daughter, they were ready for their little girl.

Jennifer told Travis even before they married that she planned to name her first-born daughter Lucy.

“I’ve just always loved the name Lucy,” she said, noting other family members say the name came from Jennifer’s appreciation for the classic television show “I Love Lucy” starring Lucille Ball.

The parents gave Lucy the middle name Marie, which also is Jennifer’s middle name.

Although the new parents say it’s exciting to have a new little one, it’s also a bit overwhelming.

Still, the family of three has already started to settle in at home after a few days at the hospital. Lucy has been a fairly quiet baby so far, Jennifer said, except for when she’s hungry or needing a diaper changed. Otherwise, it’s all snuggles and smiles.