Southwestern Middle School recently held its annual honors program with opening comments from principal Trevor Jones and counselor Dawn Bottomley.

Sixth Grade


Achievement: John Sutter, Zachary Smith, Mary Schroeder and Talon Harmon.

PACE: Adam Anderson, Joshua Files, Dobs Laymon and Kassey Worcester.


Achievement: Joshua Files, Mary Schroeder, Kasey Watterson and Talon Harmon.

PACE: Dobs Laymon, Lakyn Wilson, Abigail Ralston, Adam Anderson and Christopher Mardello.

English and Reading

Achievement: Adam Anderson, Dobs Laymon, Zachary Smith and Talon Harmon.

PACE: Kaytlynn Sommers, Austin Webster, John Sutter, Destiny Gorrell and Irvin McMahan.

Social Studies

Achievement: Joshua Files, Zachary Smith, Kassey Worcester and Talon Harmon.

PACE: Braydon Winston, Kasey Watterson, Dobs Laymon and Xavier Carroll.


Achievement: Adam Anderson , Jordyn Bryant, Xavier Carroll and Mackensie Oliver.

PACE: Kaytlynn Sommer, Addison Hill, Alexis Jones and Bailie Prescher.


Achievement: Lisa Tripp, Kiah Means, Addison Hill and Alexis Jones.

Pace: Robert Stark, Bailie Prescher, Bailey Elliot and Joshua Files.

Physical Education

Achievement: Adam Anderson, Jordyn Bryant, Kassey Worcester and Abby Ralston.

PACE: Ashlyn Cloud, Nicholas Coles, John Sutter and Kaley Watkins.


Achievement: Skyler Short and Bailie Prescher.

PACE: Grace Marshall and Kendall Gerber.


Achievement: Talon Harmon, Mary Schroeder, Samara Sims and Harley Middleton.

PACE: Chase Kuppler, Michael Wheeler, Lakyn Wilson and Caleb Trosper.


Achievement: Kassey Worcester, Talon Harmon, Robert Stark and Joshua Files.

PACE: Jordyn Bryant, Elijah Leland and Lisa Tripp.


Achievement: Kiah Means, Kassey Worcester and Kasey Watterson.

PACE: Samara Sims, Abigail Ralston and Addison Hill.

Seventh Grade


Achievement: Corgan Hobbs, Taylor Cole, Prezley Hartman and Caitlin Battjes.

PACE: Russell Watson, Caleb Harsin, Coleman Jones and Emma Foley.


Achievement: Megan Gross, Brianna Trosper, Hailey Riley, Taylor Cole and Prezley Hartman.

PACE: Melody Mardello, Zoe Kinser, Emma Foley and Russ Watson.

Social Studies

Achievement: Prezley Hartman, Taylor Cole, Zachary Files and Cole Hendrix.

PACE: Brittany Barnett, Coleman Jones, Anthony Kidd and Katelin Smith.


Achievement: Taylor Cole, Prezley Hartman, Caitlin Battjes and Corbin Kelton.

PACE: Hailey Riley, Katherine Sampson, Sydney Randall and Brianna Ruebusch.

Physical Education

Achievement: Jacob Anderson, Kayla Adkins, Tyler Kramer and Taylor Cole.

PACE: Christian Balboa, Katherine Sampson, Corey Schmitter and Aaron Jackson.


Achievement: Jody Huser and Scotty Hatfield.

PACE: Brook Hilleary and Alicia Dean.


Achievement: Brianna Ruebusch, Zachary Files, Emma Foley and Candace Spray.

PACE: Jody Huser, Corbin Kelton, Caitlin Epperson and Caitlin Battjes.


Achievement: Kristin Thorpe and Corgan Hobbs.

PACE: Marissa Webster, Emily Dorsch and Zachary Files.

Technology Education

Achievement: Prezley Hartman, Madison Coles, Jadelyn Abbott and Skylar Caldwell.

PACE: Corgan Hobbs, Lacie Fidell, Caitlin Battjes and Jacob Anderson.


Achievement: Corgan Hobbs, Prezley Hartman and Taylor Cole.

PACE: Brianna Trosper, Coleman Jones and Caitlin Battjes.

Computer Technology

Achievement: Alicia Dean, Caitlin Epperson, Zachary Files and Prezley Hartman.

PACE: Taylor Cole, Nathan Griffin, Sydney Randall and Hailey Riley.

Eighth Grade


Achievement: Annabelle Vosmeier, Ashton Elliott, Hannah Schaffer and Dylan Hamm.

PACE: Elizabeth Bramer, Blake Kleopfer, Meagan Ralston and Coragen Stevens.


Achievement: Kelsi Brierly, Dylan Hamm, Annabelle Vosmeier and Hannah Shaffer.

PACE: Elizabeth Bramer, Ashton Elliott, Harlan Mikesell and Blake Kleopfer.

Social Studies

Achievement: Dylan Hamm, Elizabeth Bramer, Annabelle Vosmeier and Kelsi Brierly.

PACE: Johnny Hunt, Emily Sandlin, Macayla Hatchel and Ashton Elliott.


Achievement: Natron Mahoney, Logan Williams, Coragen Stevens and Tori Dennison.

PACE: Elizabeth Smith, Emily Sandlin and Ethan Garvey.


Achievement: Annabelle Vosmeier.

PACE: Katleyn Desch.

Physical Education

Achievement: Jayde Ary, Eduardo Tovar, Annabelle Vosmeier and Cassandra Poer.

PACE: Chase Dunfee, Stephanie Eaglin, Logan Williams and Brittney Ralston.


Achievement: Hannah Shaffer, Connor Stewart, Ashton Elliot and Landon Ferneau.

PACE: Jacob Kleopfer, Robert Stoner, Eduardo Tovar and Elizabeth Bramer.


Achievement: Katelyn Desch and Macayla Hatchel.

PACE: Asia Walters and Emily Sandlin.


Achievement: Landon Ferneau and Dylan Hamm.

PACE: Connor Stewart and Kyle Dishon.


Achievement: Annabelle Vosmeier and Elizabeth Bramer.

PACE: Ashton Elliott and Zane Hutsell.


Achievement: Kelsi Brierly, Meagan Ralston and Hannah Shaffer.

PACE: Brittney Ralston, Ashton Elliott and Cassandra Poer.


Achievement: Annabelle Vosmeier, Landon Ferneau, Ashton Elliott and Coragen Stevens.

PACE: Katelyn Desch, Dylan Hamm, Kira Daniels and Elizabeth Moreland.

Honor Rolls

Sixth Grade (All Year)

A: Adam Anderson, Talon Harmon and DobsLaymon.

A and B: Tessa Bowling, Jordyn Bryant, Joshua Files, Kendall Gerber and Addison Hill, Abigail Ralston, Mary Schroeder, Samara Sims, Zachary Smith, John Sutter, Lakyn Wilson, Kassey Worcester and Kasey Watterson.

Seventh Grade (All Year)

A: Caitlin Battjes, Taylor Cole, Prezley Hartman, Corgan Hobbs, Katelin Smith and Russell Watson.

A and B: Samuel Beverly, Skylar Caldwell, Cheyanne Davis, Alicia Dean, Caitlin Epperson, Emma Foley, Brook Hilleary, Aaron Jackson, Coleman Jones, Corbin Kelton, Sydney Randall, Hailey Riley, Hannah Ritchie, Brianna Ruebusch, Katherine Sampson, Christian Shelton, Candice Spray, Brianna Trosper, Skyler Wynn and Conner Skirvin.

Eighth Grade (All Year)

A: Elizabeth Bramer, Kelsi Brierly, Ashton Elliott, Dylan Hamm, Macayla Hatchel, Meagan Ralston, Hannah Shaffer, Connor Stewart and Annabelle Vosmeier.

A and B: Kaylan Anderson, Katelyn Desch, Lindsey Maddox, Zachary McIntosh, Rebekah Meece, Elizabeth Moreland, Cassandra Poer, Brittney Ralston, Coragen Stevens and Landon Ferneau.

All A during Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade

Elizabeth Bramer, Kelsi Brierly, Meagan Ralston, Hannah Shaffer, Connor Stewart and Annabelle Vosmeier.

Other Honors

Student Council Awards: Hannah Shaffer, Annabelle Vosmeier, Coragen Stevens, Katelyn Desch, Elizabeth Smith, Lexi Wright, Emily Sandlin, Paige Melton, Kelsey Jones, Rebecca Palmer, Chelsea Crittenden, Elizabeth Moreland, Kasey Watterson, Harley Middleton, Elizabeth Allen, Ashley Thomas and Savannah Reilly Jones.

AR Goal (Last Three Months): Adam Anderson, Jordyn Bryant, Talon Harmon, Skylar Hughes, Caleb Ream, Dobs Laymon, Benjamin McDonald, Jacob Sampson and Austin Webster.

Top AR (Above 200 Points): Caleb Ream, Jordyn Bryant and Skylar Hughes.

Math Bowl: Mary Schroeder, Dobs Laymon, Joshua Files, John Sutter, Kasey Watterson, Zachary Smith, Colton Pratt, Kassey Worcester, Talon Harmon, Skyler Short, Caleb Ream, Robert Stark, Tayla Sullivan, Harley Middleton, Caleb Trosper, Bailey Elliott and Riley Elliott.

Science Bowl: Adam Anderson, Jordyn Bryant, Joshua Files, Talon Harmon, Addison Hill, Kiah Means, Samara Sims, Zachary Smith, John Sutter and Kassey Worcester.

Destination Imagination: Kira Daniels.

Academic Athletic Honorees: Kaylan Anderson, Elizabeth Bramer, Kelsi Brierly, Amber Morrison, Brittney Ralston, Meagan Ralston, Hannah Shaffer, Connor Stewart and Lauren Thiebold.