Academic Super Bowl

Shawe's Academic Super Bowl team finished fifth at the Academic Super Bowl state finals on May 4, with the Fine Arts team coming in second in the state-wide competition.

The competition was divided into rounds of fine arts, social studies, math, English, science and interdisciplinary questions. Teams competed in four classes, based on school size. Shawe competed in the fourth class.

Students honored with IKE Awards

Prince of Peace Catholic Schools celebrated its third year of presenting the IKE Awards. The award was established in conjunction with Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corporation to recognize students of all ages who show "intelligence, kindness and extra effort" in school. Each grade recognizes one student per semester. Cliff Carnes, Clifty Creek plant manager, joined Prince of Peace administrators to acknowledge the 13 students from Shawe Memorial High School and Pope John Elementary School.

This semester's recipients were: Bryan Avalos, Anne Marie Grady, Trey Suggett, Mariluz Ortiz, Molly Armbrecht, Colton Duerstock, Emma Wynn, Kyle Daugherty, Andrew Ott, Paulette Koronkevich, Mary Strange, Savannah Apel and Leigh Ann Gaminde.

"This is a great award to highlight students who do well academically, but also excel in other important areas of life. Kindness and extra-effort are two characteristics that we want all of our students to learn at an early age" said Phil Kahn, Prince of Peace Catholic Schools president.

Students do volunteer work

On May 28, Shawe Memorial High School students got out of the classroom to do volunteer yard work in Madison.

Half the freshman class went to the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site to pull weeds. The other half worked at the Lide White Boys & Girls Club/Family & Community Center, pulling weeds on the t-ball field, hauling wheel barrows full of sod to various locations and cleaning up the property. Ray Black, executive director of the club, transported the students to and from the club.

The sophomore class went to Historic Madison Inc., where they sodded, weeded, raked and cleaned the Talbott-Hyatt Garden.

The junior class went to the Prince of Peace Catholic Church and Rectory, where they cleaned the entry ways and side flower beds.