To the editor:

I am writing today to advocate for those under current Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protection, the DREAMers. DACA enables illegal immigrants, brought to America as a “DREAMer” to work without citizenship status. DREAMers are immigrants that were brought to America, as children, by their parents. Many of the DREAMers protected under DACA hold employment in education, health care, law, and other less desirable jobs. Most of these individuals came to America illegally, by no choice of their own. It is strongly encouraged that those fighting against the DACA take a second to look at those most impacted by the riddance of the DACA, most of whom know only America as their home.

For decades, children have been brought into the United States and have received protection to stay in America, the only country they have known. Opponents of the DACA argue that all of those in America, who hold an illegal status, do not contribute to the American society and these individuals do not pay taxes. This is not supported by the data. With the initial passage of DACA 60 percent of the 800,000 DACA recipients obtained a new job. These DACA recipients are tax contributing workers.

In fact, the people protected under the DACA (the DREAMers) account for $2 billion in state and local taxes paid across the nation. These are individuals who are legally paying taxes to the American government that so many of us depend on for medical care, laws and regulations, and leadership on global policies and politics. Deportation of these individuals means, this level of funding ceases across America. Additionally, in 2016 approximately 359 DACA recipients were enlisted in the Army, to fight for a country that desires their very removal. This shows extreme courage in the face of dire adversity and discrimination against the DREAMers.

What right, do we after initially telling these individuals they are protected, some-odd 30 years later, have to tell these people they have to leave the United States, a country that has become home to the DREAMers? I urge the general public to reconsider their views on this matter and advocate for what is right, not what we are told is right.

— Dustin Sevier