Dear Editor:

Voters in Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District face a dramatic choice in November. On one side, we have Jeannine Lee Lake, a mother and a journalist who supports Medicare for all and tuition-free public higher education. She is challenging not only the policies of the current administration, but also the business-as-usual establishment Democrats. She has cast her lot with the great majority of working Hoosiers and not with the big donors that usually bankroll both parties. She has received minimal financial support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. According to the Open Secrets website, she has raised $9,390 to her opponent’s $1,669,450. Her opponent has much greater name recognition than she does, because his younger brother is the vice president of the United States. But his record is one of failed businesses and devastating environmental contamination. (See the AP article “Pence Family’s Failed Gas Stations Cost Taxpayers $20M+.”). According to his website he is a “staunch supporter of the Trump-Pence agenda,” so we can assume he supports the kinds of deregulation that would allow polluters like him off the hook and leave taxpayers with the bill. And we can assume that rather than expanding access to vital programs like Medicaid and Medicare, he would work hard to restrict Hoosiers’ access to them. Clearly, Jeannine Lee Lake is committed to working for the vast majority of working Hoosiers while her opponent will serve the privileged few, as his younger brother did when he was the profoundly unpopular governor of this state.

James Buckwalter-Arias