To the editor:

It was good to see my friend Mike Walro’s response to my letter of March 20th. As Mike points out, changing the abortion law would be extremely difficult, but I don’t believe that we are “stuck” with it. Our forefathers thought we were stuck with slavery. That institution ended only when moral people (mainly Christians) put it all on the line and said “this atrocity needs to end.” We need a war attitude to stop the 600,000 babies that will be the casualties in this battle just this year.

While Mike’s call to vote for the local person, not the party, is a laudable idea, it doesn’t work and doesn’t go far enough. While people often vote for the candidate in local elections, they almost always vote their party in state and national races. Polls show that a majority of Americans are against abortion. The problem is party loyalists can’t stand to see the other party win even if it means going against their personal values. That’s why we need people to demand that their local party and candidates take a pro-life position. If these candidates get votes that then disappear in the state and national elections because they’re not pro-life, the party officials will notice. If an election is because of their support for abortion on demand they will abandon that position.

So I say to the members of the “Choice Party:” Be bold; be willing to endure an election loss or two. Remember, others risked their lives to end slavery; certainly you can be willing to endure an election disappointment to save babies. Take this issue away from the politicians, Don’t Vote!

Ben Newell