Dear editor:

During the decade that the West Street Art Center was in operation, proprietor Peter Ellis made a huge cultural impact on Madison, Indiana. The center was host to many innovative art installations and exhibits that allowed regional artists to express something beyond the ordinary retail gallery setting. West Street Art Center was a place where Madison residents could not only be surprised by the abundance of local talent in our area, but also experience internationally acclaimed art right in our backyard. It hosted art and music events for area youth, provided a place for The Tuesday Night Drawing club to meet and local musicians to practice; and was a natural choice for community art projects and events like club banquets, receptions and meetings to take place. If you never visited the West Street Art Center during the last ten years, you really missed something. This hub of the Madison Cultural Scene will be greatly missed. I certainly hope we are lucky enough to have another art center in our future. If we do, I sure hope it is front page news. Art is happening in Madison all year around- not just in September. We need places like the West Street Art Center to reach Madison’s artistic potential. Thanks Peter for sharing some of your space in that big old building with your community for a much needed creative outlet. Thanks for adding to Madison’s quality of life.

Patty Cooper Wells