Dear editor,

While visiting Madison recently, as I frequently did in years past, I was appalled to find no downtown grocery store. How can this be? While it’s inconvenient for the tourist, I can just imagine how inconvenient it is for those who live downtown. How can this beautiful historic place completely ignore the needs of those who have called Madison home for a lifetime? What about your older population, some of whom are on fixed incomes, have no means of transportation but by foot. How can a historic place preserve buildings and architecture yet not consider the population that occupies the city. My heart goes out to those who have no way of maneuvering to hilltop locations without added expense. Taxpayers who aren’t being serviced by the place they call home. To those who made this decision or have not corrected it, my questions are... What if it were your family in this position? More importantly, what if it were you? Is there no loyalty to those less fortunate? Or those who simply have lived downtown for years and choose to continue to do so? History records a time when people cared about others, helped others and treated others like they wanted to be treated. Are you not your brothers keeper? You are Historic Madison, right? At least that is the way the advertisements read.

I am pleading with your city to re-evaluate this issue. Surely a city known for the ultimate in hometown experience can revisit this devastating decision and come up with a solution that not only serves a portion of the population, but incorporates ALL citizens regardless of geographical area.

Can anyone help me understand this?

Victoria L. Green

Homewood, Illinois