To the editor:

In response to the latest school shootings, Rep. John Yarmuth of Louisville declared that those that didn’t take his position of gun control were culpable in the gun violence that rages through our society.

Certainly we are all outraged, when over 13,000 people are murdered in the U.S. by guns each year. And we have a special abhorrence when the victims are children. Whether changes in gun laws will affect the murder rate is a hotly debated issue. But Yarmuth’s logic can be used to address a much greater mass murder, that of the 600,000 babies (according to the CDC) that are killed each year in our country through abortion. With pictures from the womb and our technology, we are beyond the debate that these babies are real and need our protection.

This ghastly practice continues only because one political party has made abortion its definining issue. The massacre of 1,900 babies a day will only stop when loyal supporters of “The Choice party” tells its leaders that they will not vote until they drop their stance on abortion. There are many in this community who abhor abortion but still feel like they have to vote for its party. You don’t! One thing all politicians understand is the loss of votes. Get a couple of friends who feel the same way, and tell the party chairman you’re not voting. Take Abortion out of politics and DON’T VOTE!

— Ben Newell