The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place.

The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at (812) 273-1942.

Bello’s Pizza: No violations.

Circle K #4700011: One critical (Boxes of Lunchables and P3 packs were found past their use by dates in the open display cooler and on the rack that sits in the walk-in cooler), two non-critical.

Family Dollar #12180: Two critical (Boxes of Lunchables were found past their use by date in the display cooler. These food products need to be discarded. Feminine products were found stored under chemicals in the clearance section. Single use products must be stored above any chemicals or detergents), one non-critical.

Family Dollar Store #23220: One critical (The water being produced from the bathroom and service sink is producing a foul smell. Therefore, employees are not using these sources of water), three non-critical.

Famous Tamale: No violations.

Hos Coffee: No violations.

Indian Trails: No violations.

SN Marathon: Two non-critical.

The Red Pepper Inc: Two non-critical.

The Salvation Army: One critical (Evidence of pest present in the stock room pantry. The evidence needs to be cleaned up and discarded), one non-critical.