The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place. The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at (812) 273-1942.

January 27

Chelsea General Store – Complaint: A customer complaint was received stating that when they got home with their sliced lunchmeat, it had a greenish tint to the sides of the meat. Upon inspection I talked with the employees and inspected the current inventory. I did not see anything unusual with the packages nor did any of the meats look bad.

January 28

G.H. Coffee Company: Two critical, 1) The open gallons of milk found in the Frigidaire unit at the back kitchen without any dates listed on them of when they were opened. Also, they were past their best buy dates and need to be discarded immediately. 2) The hand sink in the main kitchen has food debris layering the bottom of it. The hand sink needs to stay clear of debris.), seven non – critical.

Jendy’s Pizzeria – Hanover: One critical, (A couple of unlabeled spray bottles were found in the establishment: 1) Spray bottle near dishwasher area with a pink solution inside. 2) Spray bottle found under salad bar with a blue solution.), six non – critical.

January 29

Diego’s Mexican Grill: One non – critical.

January 30

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Three non – critical.

Ponderosa: One critical, (Working spray bottle with a white nozzle was found near the service sink without a label....(clear liquid).), three non – critical.

January 31

Dollar General (Clifty Drive): One critical, (The “Dollar Deals” section has chemicals stacked over single use items, (Silverware, plates and cups), one non – critical.

Dollar General (Jefferson Street): One critical, (One of the end displays has single-use items under chemicals. These products need to be switched around so that they are the opposite of what they are now.), two non – critical.

February 3

G.H. Coffee Company: One critical, (A certified food handler is needed for this location.).

Jendy’s Pizzeria – Hanover: Three non – critical.

Mike’s Grill: No violation.

Taco Bell: No violations.

The Attic at KDH: One non – critical.

February 6

Horst’s Little Bakery – Downtown: One non – critical.

Indian Trails Restaurant: Two non – critical.

February 7

City Meat Market: Three non – critical.

Dupont Hardware & Grocery: One non – critical.