The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place.

The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at 812-273-1942.

February 18

Circle K – East Second Street: One critical, (The roll away rack that is stored in front of the door used as entrance of the walk-in cooler has expired meats on it. They need to be discarded. (Bacon and Bologna), three non-critical.

El Nopal Mexican Restaurant: Two critical, (1. A certified food handler is needed for this location. 2. Open gallon of milk found in the walk-in cooler without a date marking of when it was opened.), four non-critical.

February 20

Key West Shrimp House: One non-critical.

The Red Pepperoni: Two non-critical.

February 21

Attic Coffee Mill & Café: No violations.

McDonald’s-Hanover: Four non-critical.

Off Broadway Taproom: No violations.