Nov. 14

Kroger: Three critical (1. Open rodent bait traps found in deli and bakery area. 2. Raw chicken stored over raw beef in meat cooler. 3. Food debris found in hand wash sinks in deli and bakery.); four noncritical.

Downtowner: Three noncritical.

Madison 6 Theaters: Follow-up inspection. Seven noncritical; seven repeat.

Jefferson County Goodwill Conservation Club: Two noncritical.

Dollar General, Clifty Drive: Two noncritical

Nov. 16

Gaffney’s Grocery: One noncritical.

Railroad Cafe: Three noncritical.

Nov. 17

Dollar General, Jefferson Street: Complaint follow-up inspection. One noncritical.

Ayers’ Windy Hill B&B: No violations.