Ortho Louisville LLC v. Amanda Bartlett, complaint for $1,932.28 plus court costs.

Barb’s Riverview Apt. v. Roger D. Griffin, complaint for possession for damage to property and endangering tenants plus court costs.



Valley Court Apartments v. Ashley Stone & Keith Cooper, plaintiff to take $1,591.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. v. Penny Humphrey, plaintiff to take $5,630.85.

Paul E. Brooks v. Jay Koehler, plaintiff to take $197.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, A/S/ v. Timothy Mahan, plaintiff to take $2,461.95 plus interest.

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC. v. Rick Napier, plaintiff to take $575.31 plus interest.

Capital One Bank, (USA), N.A. v. Edward Pratt, plaintiff to take $2,586.10.

Bank of America, N.A. v. Lisa Wilson, plaintiff to take $4,801.15.



In the Thursday, May 23 Record in the Madison Courier, it was incorrectly reported Joseph Walls paid a fine for driving while suspended. Walls was fined $140 for speeding.