Personal Finance Company v. Keith L. Hebner, complaint on note for $1,134.73 plus court costs.

Geico Indemnity Company, as subrogee of Caylan Center, complaint for damages plus court costs.

Pinnacle Properties Development Group, LLC v. Roy and Julie McAllister, complaint for possession for nonpayment of rent for $2,325 plus court costs.

Kathe J. Hoffman v. Dale A. Wells, plaintiff to take $135.50.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Alan Campbell, complaint for $4,635.61 plus court costs.

Michael W. Combs v. Lola F. Combs, petition for divorce.



Madison Village v. James Beeler, plaintiff to take $524.

Madison Village v. Katelynn Geisler, plaintiff to take $1,077.40.

Pettit v. Lochard, plaintiff to take $1,837.

Mobile Home Companies LLV v. Nancy Mahoney, plaintiff to take $1,235.

Pilcher Performance v. Ohio Lazy Ranch/Dan Beers, plaintiff to take $2,612.