Daniel L. and Beth Paden to Roy Srymanske, Scarlett Cameron–Haws and Scarlett Cameron Haws, 2972 South River Bluff Drive, Hanover.

Steve and Lisa M. Hesse to Richard B. and Kristen M. Mundt, 280 North Lakeside Drive.

Pam Zehren to Zachary Ivan Zehren, 1548 East State Road 250.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Housing and Urban Development and USDA, 2102 East Bob OLink Court.

Boulder Properties, LLC. and Patricia L. Dehne to Second Son Properties, LLC, Flora Andrew and Garrett Leahigh, 154 North Madison Avenue, Hanover.

Pauline E. Boldery, Jeffrey A. Helton and Kim Marie Conway to Pauline E. Boldery, land parcel.

Dana L. Riddle to Scott B. and Katherine L. Lynch, 315 Central Avenue.

Peter P. and Mary Sue Legeza to Daniel L. and Beth A. Paden, 312 Quail Ridge Lane.

Detmer Enterprises, LLC to Rick J. and Carla D. Burress, 1514 Crozier Avenue.

WFG Properties, LLC. to Rachael Blackburn and Jeffrey Organ, 738 Michigan Road.

Tamara D. and Lee Stephen to Timothy D. Cline, 3002 East Thornton Road.

River Mill Preservation Company to Cotton Mill Land Owner, LLC., 600+ Vaughn Drive.

Claude Eugene and Carolyn Sue Schneider to Gary McGinnis, 707 Walnut Street.

John J. Rowlison and Linda D. Rowlison to Calvin M. Daugherty, 10220 North Jefferson Road.

Judith A. George to Julia Ann Truax, 631 West Main Street.

Summer B. Marshall to Brian L. Marshall, 516 Green Road.

Summer B. Marshall to Brian L. Marshall, 315 Elm Street.

Randall L. and Lynnetta J. Spry to Paula McClure, 3333 North Spry Road, Deputy.

Phillips Development, Inc. to Doug A. and Kathy R. Gorbett, 125 West Marion Drive, Hanover.

Fair Play Fire Company No. 1 to Nathan G. Copeland, Jr. and Loren B. Copeland, land parcel.

Dale F. and Susan L. Varble to Shawn Conboy, 6021 South Saluda Paynesville Road, Hanover.

Sallie G. Sullivan to Ernest L. and Sallie G. Sullivan, 430 Miller Street.

Cynthia K. Griffin and Sandra Jessup Ammeen to Jeffrey A. Price, 796 East State Road 250.

Ian Dennison to Charles R. Fine, Jr., and Fine Estates, LLC., 920 Walnut Street.

Carrie A. Kurdys to Bryce W. Konkle, 2712 Meadowwood Drive.

Robert Schafer to RMRK Properties, LLC., 5766 West State Road 256.

James Michael Mattingly to James Michael and Rachael Leigh Mattingly, 3316 Marble Hill Road, Nabb.

Norman D. Mills to Shadrac Brattain, 3277 North Old State Road 62.

Tabatha R. Williams to Paul J. Sellers, 135 North Madison Avenue, Hanover.

Shadrac and Kendra Brattain to Ryan A. Allen, 592 North Minor Lane.

James Rosenkranz and Victoria Rosenkranz to Dennis P. and Karin M. Ramey, 5400+ North Goat Mountain Road, Lexington.

Daniel Lang to Kenneth Sizemore, Jr., 5189 Davis Road, Lexington.

Catherina A. Shipley-Sabie to Dennis P. and Karin M. Ramey, 5440 North Goat Mountain Road, Lexington.

Michael and Lea Searcy to William Jobe and Deborah A. Crick, 222 Meadow Lane.

Loretta S. Anderson to John M. and Hannah W. Todd, 7300+ West Interstate Block Road.

Dana West to Rodney and Barbara Bell, 8225 East Doe Run Road.