Casondra Williams, 33, to Andre Garcia, 35, both of 1217 Wells Drive, Madison, Indiana.

Amanda Jo Jones, 38 to Michael Shayne Hatton, 47, both of 15335 West Blake Road,Deputy, Indiana.

Tanya Marie King, 39, to Michael Thomas Sanders, 43, both of 710 W. Fourth St., Madison, Indiana.

Vaishali Mittal, 28, 1965 Wolf Trails Drive, Madison, Indiana to Alexander Kang, 28, 113 S. Meadow Road, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Shannon Bennett, 22, to Nicholas Wyne, 25, both of 6258 S. Saluda Paynesville Road, Hanover, Indiana.

Jessica Malott, 30, 7812 Canford St., Apt. G, Camby, Indiana to Philip Nathan Hall, 32, 1937 Hycliff Court, Madison, Indiana.