The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department (812) 273-1942.

June 17

Boneyard Bar & Grill: Complaint: (A complaint received from a customer stating that the establishment is a dirty facility and that his food was served cold. Also, he complained that clean and dirty dishes were being handled by the same person with the same pair of gloves on. The last thing that was mentioned in the complaint was that when he was served two shots of Bourbon, both shots had bugs in them. Upon my inspection, I did take note that the flags hanging down from the ceiling were dusty and need to be cleaned off. As for the shots of Bourbon, I observed where the shot glasses are stored together and that most liquor bottles have a safety feature on their dispenser nozzles. Cleaning needed to the flag decors hanging from the ceiling.), one non – critical.

June 18

Horst’s Little Bakery Haus: Three non – critical.

The Season’s Café: No violations.

June 19

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (Pre-Operative): No violations.

June 21

A B Seafood (Pre-Operative): One critical, (Expiration dates are needed for products that are assembled. (Crab Cakes)), two non – critical.

Circle K (1219 Clifty Drive): Complaint: (Received a complaint that food was outside of dumpster laying on the ground. Also, that a smell was lurking in the air. Upon my inspection, I noticed that there were little bits of food surrounding the dumpster. This was due to the trash truck compacting their load while still on the property of the Circle K. Manager was instructed that the area around the dumpster needed picked up. Observed the lids to the dumpster open. They must be kept closed. Enclosure for the dumpster area is in need of being cleaned.), two non -critical.

Dutch Discount Market: Complaint: (A complaint was received from a customer saying that they received brown sugar ham and pickle loaf that was slime. Also said that the macaroni salad tasted off like the mayo may have been bad when it was assembled. Upon my inspection, I looked at all the packages of the foods that were mentioned. All the packages were date marked and nothing seemed slimey. No objectionable conditions noted at time of complaint inspection.