The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place.

The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at (812) 273-1942.

April 22

Bailey’s Legion Grill: One critical, (I tested the the sanitizer solution and it came back high on the spectrum), two non – critical.

April 23

Chelsea General Store: One critical, (Observed an employee place gloves on without first washing them.), two non – critical.

Jendy’s Pizzeria: One critical, (An employee drink was found at the drink station near drive thru window. An employee drink is allowed as long as it has a cover on the top.), six non – critical.

April 24

Madison Vineyards B&B: No violations.

April 25

Courtyard Grill: One critical, (A container of spinach dip was found in the side storage room with a date of 4/15 on it. This food product needs to be discarded since it is past the 7 day mark.), four non – critical.

Rally’s Hamburgers: Three non – critical.

White Castle Crave Mobile: No violations.

April 26

Frisch’s Restaurant: One critical, (Working spray bottle found in the dish area with a yellow solution and no label.), one non – critical.

Off Broadway Taproom: One critical, (The silver two door cooler in the kitchen has ground beef on the second to bottom shelf and raw fish stored under it. These two meat products need to be switched.), four non – critical.

April 27

Anthony’s Wood Fired Pizza: No violations.

April 29

Bello’s Pizza: No violations.

Jendy’s Pizzeria (Follow-Up): Two non – critical.

Rivercrest Lighthouse, LLC.: No violations.

May 1

Dollar General (3000 Clifty Drive): No violations.

Key West Shrimp House: Two non – critical.

May 2

Hoboken Eddie’s: Two critical, (1. In the Pepsi cooler in the back, I found raw bacon stored on top of boiled eggs that line the pan. 2. Observed a snap trap set up. These types of bait traps can not be used in a retail facility.), two non – critical.

Yamato Sontak Madison, Inc.: One critical, (Uncut lettuce was found stored under raw meats in the walk-in cooler.), three non – critical.