Kevin Christman and Terrie Christman to Terrie Christman, 336 Fairmount Drive.

Marguerite L. Ligon and Orland K. Ligon to James and Katherine Buck, 1361 South Riverview Drive, Hanover.

Sheila M. Barron to Don Kring and Jo Ellen Kring, 1700 Hatcher Hill Road.

Michael Edwin Brown to Michael Edwin and Betty V. Brown, 5002 North County Road 1360 West, Deputy.

Kimberly J. Sumner to Richard P. Lookatch, 414 East Fourth Street.

Jacie Stivers and Norman R. Crabtree to Katie L. Demaree and Alexander P. Gardner, 2109 Galway Trail North.

Donald L. and Maureen E. Bair to Donald L. Bair, Maureen E. Bair, Nichol M. Pflum, Scott A. Bair and Suzan E. Espinoza, 145 West Marion Drive, Hanover.

Gary Wayne and Geneva Raye Napier to Jeffrey Scott and Tammy R. Monroe, 2700 North County Road 500 West.

Pamela Gregg, Steven Welling and Daniel Welling to Steven and Pauline M. Welling, 8252 East Brushy Fork Road.

Frederick J. Wolf, Maryanne W. Imes and Berneta P. Wolf to Jerry M. Estes, 124 Wall Street.

Maryanne W. Imes, Frederick J. Wolf and Berneta P. Wolf to Jerry M. Estes, 126 Wall Street.

Robert and Carol Kuppler to Michael A. Logsdon, 9240 West Polk Road, Lexington.

Dennis S. Gordon and Dennis M. Gordon to Amy J. Gordon, 2335 Cragmont Street.

James F. and Resa Gail Hoffman to James F. and Resa Gail Hoffman Trust, 687 North Hoffman Drive.