Stephen M. Rusconi to Cindy Rusconi, 719 East Second Street.

Randy T. Snell to Madison Board of Aviation Commissioners, 749 North Grange Hall Road.

Nicole L. Jackson to Heather N. Ross, 1216 East Broad Road.

Jason K. and Amanda M. Vance to Tiffany and Monte Sever, 2812 Basswood Drive.

Joseph S. Jr. and Christa M. VanWye, 337 Hendricks Street, to Noah Bell.

Russ and Ruth Wilson to Alice R. Wilson, land parcel.

Harry Dobbins Properties LLC. to Joseph Pettit, 2679 Orchid Avenue.

Harry Dobbins Properties LLC. to Joseph Pettit, 440 Virginia Avenue.

Donald J. and Janice M. Field to Scott H. Field and Ashley S. Bovard, 2434 North Rogers Road.

Justin M. Imel to Tammy M. and Robert J. Graham, 558 Hanover Drive, Hanover.

Michael E. Jr. and Melissa J. Prickett to MPP Rentals LLC., 301 November Street, Hanover.

Calvin Daugherty to Tracy D. McManis, 10556 North East Front Street, Dupont.

R. Darrell and Peggy K. Craig to BuddyDale LLC. and Crafty83LLC., 1020 West Second Street.

Candance Sigmon and Norma J. Blackford to Christopher and Kerry Lyons, 131 Seneca Drive.

Edgar L. Adams and Robert Bryan Adams to Edgar L. Adams, Robert Bryan Adams and Sallie Adams, 6900+ Kuner Drive.

Kaitlin and George Distel to Eva Distel and Cory K. VanAmberg, 810 Banta Avenue.

Todd J. Bruther to Jeffrey D. Bruther and Jordan D. Bruther, 6250 West State Road 56, Hanover.

Greg P. and Melissa D. Distel to Steve Granger IV and Amber N. Granger, 4274 West State Road 256.

Keith A. Leathermon to MPP Rentals LLC., 600 Martin Street.

Wanda F. Gross to Madison Board of Aviation Commissioners, 4200 West Interstate Block Road.

James E. Elston and Judith L. Elston to Jordan S. and Bridget F. Leach, 5000+ North Dow Ridge Road.

Francis R. Short to Larry J. Folkner and Clayton J. Folkner, 311-315 Mulberry Street.

Richard L. and Marilyn J. Imel to MPP Rentals LLC., 100 South Locust Street, Hanover.

John and Marsha Uhl to Tyler J. Rousch, 1261 East Scenic View Drive.

Phillip Sparkman and Joann Sparkman to David Wayne Sparkman, Phillip Glenn Sparkman and Cheryl Diane Chuckry, 7175 West Morgan’s Trace, Dupont.

Phillip G. Sparkman to Liana Suarez, 7939 North Breeding Road, Dupont.

Justin J. and Tiffany A. McGillan to Jesse Ray Plummer, 416 East Street.