Markt L. Lytle (deceased) and Donna M. Lytle to Donna M. Lytle, 1129 W. Main St., Madison.

Amanda Johnson to Brennan and Jamie Beth Fairchild, 2698 N. Rykers Ridge Road, Madison.

Bennie E. Peak and Bennie L. Peak Sr. (deceased) to Bennie E. Peak (tenant common) and Bennie L. Peak Jr. (tenant common), 21.63 acres in the Franciso Farm Division

Bryce Clark to Kevin Dale and Donna Michele Wilson, 1581 W. 500 North, Madison.

Kevin J. and Linda M. Malloy to Donna R. and Thomas R. Skaggs, 312 Vernon St., Madison.

Courtney Renee Gray to Lawrence D. And Pamela E. Fisher, 2315 Allen St., Madison.

GAD Investments LLC to Jason and Susan Anderson 3420 North Quails Ridge Drive, Madison.

Zackary W. Hatton to Barbara Wallace Hatton, 208 W. Second St., Madison.

Curtis M. Jacobs to Marke and Tammy Foutch and Leonard and Tracy Collins, 7363 E. Riverside Drive.

Christy Stewart Kasper, Michael R. and Vickie L. Adcock to Paul M. Lamm, 1939 Van Buren Drive, Madison.

Brant and Stacey Morris to Richard L. Skirvin, 215 Cravens St., Madison.

Susan Montgomery (success trustee), Darrell P. Liter (success trustee), Darrell R. Liter Joint Revocable Living Trust, Helen A. Liter Joint Revocable Living Trust, Darrell R. Liter (revocable trust) Helen A. Liter (revocable trust) to Trevor Lance Bagley, 1480 S. Thompson Road, Lexington.