Richard J. and Sharlene R. Whitesell to Ricky E. and Kim L. Middleton, 310 W. Second St.

Timothy R. and Linda L. Bipes to D. Thomas II and Carrie A. Blades, 2035 Galway Trail South.

Padgett A. Taylor to Carol Wiggam, 417 Baltimore St.

Ronald M. and Wanda Thacker to Keith and Danielle R. Boyd, 5700+ W. Deputy Pike.

John S. and Brenda J. Dietrich to Edward W. and Chotinunth Kubek, 1805 S. County Road 1000-W, lots 7 through 10, Lexington.

Housing and Urban Development to Timothy L. Boldery, 5028 N. Scotts Ridge Road.

German American Bancorp and John Mussel, personal representative to the estate of Arthur H. Faust, to Timothy L. Boldery Jr., 10723 N. Reynolds Road, Dupont.

Mervin E. Bryant to Clifford A. Ernstes, 1048 N. State Road 3, Deputy.

Thomas I. Gayle, Robert J. Crittenden and Carolyn A. Eden to Anthony L. Hammock and Lisa G. Hammock, 5073 W. County Road 700-N.

Dwight J. Bruther, Linda L. Bruther and the Dwight J. Bruther and Linda L. Bruther Revocable Trust to Larry and Dawn Peak, 1817 S. Carmel Road, Hanover.

Edward E. and Martha L. Frederick to Jay D. and Kathryn Prochoroff Coles, 6000+ W. State Road 56, Hanover.

CDR Enterprises LLC to Mark Allen Sr. and Margaret Ann Drury and Mark Allen Jr. and Grace Ann Drury, 2501 Franks Drive.

Nadja Keach, Larry S. Hubbs, Debra A. Powell and the Doris L. Hubbs Life Estate to Gerald W. and Susan Hines, 231 Cedarwood Drive.

Richard Christley and Vanessa Christley to Larry Wayne Peak, 849 East St.

Larry Wayne Peak to Mary Jean Stotts and Andrew S. Chancellor, 847 East St.

Larry Wayne Peak to Andrew S. Chancellor and Mary Jean Stotts, 849 East St.

Housing and Urban Development to Brian Patrick and Jessica L. Guetig, 2605 Lanier Drive, lots 76 through 78.

Federal National Mortgage Association to CDF Properties LLC, 2227 Marshall Place.