James R. and Linda Lee Brown to Richard D. Brown and Judith K. Brown, land parcel.

Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas and Joseph W. Bliton to PHH Mortgage Corporation, 82 Paradise Lane.

Michael J. Natoli, Sr., Brenda Neamon to Justin T. and Lydia B. Reardon, 70 South Oakdale Drive, Hanover.

Virginia Kathleen Welch to Lindsay B. Vigil, 220 South Birch Street, Hanover.

Richard L. Skirvin to Christopher M. Skirvin, 13814 West Polk Road, Lexington.

Mac’s Convenience Stores, LLC to Robert A. Bilz, 1927 Lanier Drive.

Mary Brown, Rose Furnish and Margaret Sommer to Frandy Husayan and Salome M. Baya, 2314 Taylor Street.

Sandra Lindley Hughes, Jefferson County Auditor Sherry Eblen to Joan McFadden, 3585+ East State Road 56.

Linda Springer and Joseph Springer, Jr. to Lytle Hilltop Chapel, LLC., 7121 West Warman Road, Hanover.

Patricia Ferguson, Harold Owens and Helen Risk to Joey Owens, 2247 Crescent Street.

Jessica M. Bass to Elizabeth L. Everage, 309 Crestwood Drive.

Erin Brunck to Mark and Erin Brunck, 1717 Allen Street.

Rod E. Hays to Marvin L. Childers and Basil J. McLeod, 8321 West State Road 250, Deputy.

Misty L. Stucker, Michael Stucker, Michael A. Stucker, Jr., and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC., 2102 East Bob O Link Court.

Julie Lyons to Robert L. Dean, II, 1447 Michigan Road.

Jill Baird and Jefferson County Indiana to State of Indiana, land parcel.