Kapfhammer Holdings, LLC. to SC-H Madison 1261, LLC., 330 Clifty Drive.

Dwight J. Bruther and Linda L. Bruther to Todd J. Bruther and Jeffrey D. Bruther, 6250 West State Road 56, Hanover.

RNB Holdings, LLC to Dollie J. Isaacs, 304 Hickory Drive, Hanover.

Jay E. and Sharon F Rucker to Shaunna Rene and Edward Taylor White, 1000 West Polk Road, Lexington.

Chancey T. and Kristen J. May to Gregory J. and Teresa K. Brawner, 4700+ West Prospect Road, Hanover.

Judwiga Baker and Anelia Smolarczyk to Judwiga Baker, 1105 West Main Street.

Casey B. Perkins and Amy E. Perkins to Angela S. Skirvin, 1430 Cherokee Court.

GTG Investments, LLC. and Gene Armel to Randa C. Marcum, 6790 West Chicken Run Road.

James P. Lapine to Joseph M. Pietryowski and Lindsey Simmons, 2707 Tiger Lily Lane.

Myron R. and Sheila A. Bond to David J. and Vicki L. Albers, 3205 South River Bluff Drive, Hanover.

Roger E. and Camilla F. Law to Bailee K. Chilman and Thomas M. Taylor, 15017 West County Road 366 North, Deputy.

Joshua M. and Autumn L. Kokot to Kyle J. Davis, 1424 Cherokee Court.

Kim Marie Roberts to Tina Buchanan, land parcel.

David Taylor to Justin G. Gullion, 1416 Crozier Avenue.

Arthur L. Kirkpatrick and Tina L. Exline to Michael A. and Robin Gray, 8660 East State Road 56, Vevay.

Ann R. Youngblood to Delaney B. Fraley Johnson, 552 Holcroft Road.

Sarah T. Wurtz to Robert M. Ford and Anita H. Lawrence, 508 Jefferson Street.

Jones Wesley and Yvonna G. Thomas to Gregory J. Brawner, Teresa K. Brawner and Gregory T. Brawner, 8000+ South Paynesville Road, Hanover.

David Brooks to Ryan D. Withered, 700+ North County Road 600 West.