Caleb Hamilton to Lilla Rees and Lilla Hamilton (also known as), 3270 North Quail Drive, Madison.

Susan Kronemier to Susan Huser, 6350 North 800 West, Madison.

Jacob Goering to Jacob Goering (JTRS), Kendra Cole-Bear (JTRS) and Kendra Cole Bear, 192 Shamrock Drive, Madison.

Robert E. Ireland (husband) and Grace E. Ireland (wife) to Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana Inc., 271 East main Street, Hanover.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana Inc to Daniel A. Orellana and Melissa L. Orellana, 271 East Main Street, Hanover.

Deanna Farrar (personal rep) and James E. Estes (estate of) to Wolfcreek LLC, 815 Walnut Street.

Deanna Farrar (personal rep) and James E. Estes (estate of) to Wolfcreek LLC, 909 North Walnut Street.

David Bedingham to Wolfcreek LLC, 114 West Second Street, Madison.

James E. Willet (deceased) to April Clifton and Karen Lewis, 1399 Michigan Road, Madison.

Jennifer L. McKay and Jennifer L. Cable (now known) to Jennifer L. Cable (wife) and Christian A. Cable (husband), 645 Highland Drive, Madison.

Mark Prickett to Barbara S. Bethea Mayer (trustee), Beverly L. Bethea (trustee)and Robert O. Bethea Jr. (trust), 602 Jefferson Street.

Teton Holdings Inc. To Steve H. Griswold (husband) and Rita R. Griswold (wife), 170 North Sycamore Drive, Hanover.

Jim H. Henry (husband) and Geraldine Henry (wife) to James M. Riegsecker (husband) and Glenda Riegsecker (wife), 1817 Orchard Street, Madison.

Timothy Deckert (husband) and Hollette Deckert (wife) to Hitoshi Takeda (husband) and Jessica L. Takeda (wife), 7406 North Hall’s Ridge Road, Madison.

Triple Star Investments LLC to Sandie Dunham, 14698 West Henry Road, Deputy.

Christopher B. Gage (husband) and Rhonda M. Gage (wife) to Chad Andrew Tucker (husband) and Courtney Dawn Tucker (wife), 1805 Hatcher Hill Road, Madison.

Elbert Allan Bear and Elbert L. Bear (deceased) to Vicki L. Bear (tenant common), Elbert Allan Bear (tenant common) and Todd L. Bear (common), 109 Parkview Drive, Madison.

Vickie L. Bear to Elbert Allan Bear and Todd L. Bear, 109 Parkview Drive, Madison.

Kevin Hudson (husband) and Vickie Hudson (wife) to John Kinman (husband) and Elizabeth Kinman (wife), 814 East Second Street, Madison.

Deborah Pohlman (person rep) and Betty L. Yearout (estate of) to Zack Hatton, 2499 Franks Drive, Madison.

Brenton R. Hamilton (husband) and Ashleigh D. Hamilton (wife) to Alexandra F. Walck, 2078 East Gardner Lane, Madison.

Daniel Robert Clubb (JTRS), Jackson Douglas Clubb (JTRS) and Samuel Wyatt Clubb (JTRS) to Melvin Dean Ford (husband) and Deborah Ford (wife), 5220 North Graham Road, Madison.