EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a software issue at the Jefferson County Central Dispatch, activity logs for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Madison Police Department and Hanover Police Department were not available in time for this edition.


Willetta M. Doty (personal rep) and Calvin Heeke (deceased) to McGillam Holdings LLC, 1504 Clifty Drive, Madison.

George McClanahan (1/3 interest) to Charles E. McClanahan, 11000+ West 410 North, Deputy.

Loren B. Case to John Brown (JTRS) and Lorena B. Case (JTRS), 201 North 1525 West, Deputy.

Mark Bray to Lynn D. Pennington (husband) and Michele D. Pennington (wife) 227 West Main Street, Madison.

Eric Fox to D. Wolf Enterprises LLC, 819 and 821 Walnut Street, Madison.

Gary McGinnis to D. Wolf Enterprises LLC, 926 Walnut Street, Madison.

Carolyn Andrews (1/2 interest), Carolyn Ann Guthrie (formerly known) and Patricia L. Guthrie (1/2 interest) to Tyler Basham (JTRS) and Rachel Churchill (JTRS), 2317 Seneca Drive, Madison.

Michael O’Neal to Matthew McClure, 436 North Eagle Hollow Road, Madison.

Kenneth Kemp to Ryan Stanhope Walker and Nicholas Gerald Smith, 411 East Third Street, Madison.

Tanya R. Simmons and Tanya R. Lunsford (now known) to Tanya R. Lunsford, 8799 West 750 North, Commiskey.

Terry Bowman and Sandra S. Bowman to Kali Crace, 8664 South 850 West, Nabb.

Burwell S. McKay to Jesse Ernst, 9300+ East Splinter Ridge Road, Madison.

Barry Coleman (husband) and Theresa Coleman (wife) to Bryan L. Ray (husband) and Rachel E. Ray (wife), 8671 South 850 West, Nabb.

Mary Farone to Douglas Carpenter, 7000+ East Old State Road 256, Madison.

Robert B. Asher (husband) and Linda M. Asher (wife) to Marbella Rios Jaimes, 309 Laurel Lane, Madison.

Mary J. Floyd and Joanne Shadday Struckman to Mary J. Floyd and Joe H. Gulley (life estate), 1253 North Borcherding Road, Madison.