Thomas J. Ringwald to CottageGreen, LLC, land parcel.

Julia E. Burke to Rachel Kathrina Shields, 124 North Sycamore Street, Hanover.

Rachel Kathrina Shields to Jeffrey W. Shields, 124 North Sycamore Street, Hanover.

Cathy S. Hale to Elizabeth Morrison, 1444 Crozier Avenue.

Leameal J. and Patricia A. Davis to Mike E. Cardwell, 295 North Hereford Lane.

Michael L. New to Cool Cash, Inc., 4407 West Ten Cent Road.

Carolyn M. Markwood to Ashley L. Ball, 1191 East County Road 400 North.

Mary Patricia Stanford to Linda M. Chandler, 322 Elmhurst Drive.

Shirley A. Bacon and E. Miles Bacon to Shirley A. Bacon, 345 Bellaire Drive.

William L. Demaree and Betty K. Demaree to Brian L. Marshall, 113 and 111 Walnut Street.

Charles P. and Susan A. O’Neal to Kenneth R. Sizemore Jr., 8765 West Jones Road, Lexington.