Gretchen Goodwin, Brian Goodwin and Jefferson County Sheriff John I. Wallace to Brian Marshall, 1949 Wilson Avenue.

Zack Nease, Jr., and Grace Nease to Kevin E. and Teresa J. McKinley, 166 Spruce Lane, Hanover.

Joyce Halcomb and Willis Halcomb to Harold D. Halcomb, 400 RC Court.

Hiram Eldridge to Ethan Eckelbarger, 1007 Park Avenue.

Beverly J. Neihardt to Margaret M. Johnson, land parcel.

GTG Investments, LLC to Ryan R. and Megan A. Heilman, 6804 North County Road 1000 West, Commiskey.

Deborah Shelton and Philip L. Hamilton to Ida C. Arnett, 2016 Wilson Avenue.

Thomas D. Roberts to Kathie L. Mix and Zack A. Pearson, 255 South Ambere Waves Boulevard, Hanover.