Richard N. and Judith K. Roberts to Cheryll Judge, 518 Mulberry Street.
Richie and Carol A. Sparks to Richie T. Sparks, Carol A. Sparks and Sparks Family Trust, 1847 Crozier Avenue.
James Robert Binzer, Robert Dean Binzer and Alyce Marie Binzer to James Robert Binzer, Charles Moore Binzer and Martha Joyce Binzer, 2500 Taylor Street.
Shelby Jones to Shelby and Giltina A. Jones, 10875 West State Road 56, Lexington.
Connie L. Mahoney to Ma Elena Martinez Herrera and Jerry Ray Towell, 900 South Goldenrod Lane, Hanover.
Wilmer Morris Jr. to Angela M. and Cody A. Imel, 7751 North Halls Ridge Road.
Taylor R. Shaw to Taylor R. and Kelsey Shaw, 18 North Madison Avenue, Hanover.
Melissa Howell to Richard N. Roberts and Judith K. Roberts, 5422 West State Road 256.
Kyle A. and Katie M. Lanter to Scott Andrew Dailey, 301 Laurel Lane.
Dotty Paddock, Richard Kelly Jr., Louis Kelly Jr., Margaret Ann Brenner, Joseph Kelly, Thomas Kelly Jr., Paul Kelly, Georgie Kelly, Jane Michele Kelly and Benjamin Kelly to Nathan G. Copeland Jr., and Loren B. Copeland, 32000+ East Legion Road and 3000+ East Legion Road.