Margaret Beall, Frances B. Giuliani and the Frances B. Giuliani Revocable Living Trust to Arlene Giuliani, Carol M. Giuliani and Margaret R. Beall, 1100+ Short Road, Deputy.

Lamasco Redevelopment LLC to 6709 West South Street Land Trust, 6709 W. South St., Dupont.

Karen Hannan, guardian to the estate of Donald Rowland, to Rickey Lee Hosmer, 209 Monclair St.

Detmer Enterprises LLC to Anthony W. and Celia K. Sheets, 1843 Crozier Avenue.

Walter Jr. and Vicki L. Centers to Donna M. Miller and Emily K. Miller, 597 E. County Road 400-N.

Terry D. Hay and Marilyn M. Hay to Marc D. Harris, 8245+ W. County Road 400-S, Hanover.