Christopher J. Creech and Mickie D. Creech to Russell Thomas and Vanessa Carpenter, 13749 West County Road 163 North, Deputy.

Kemp Investments, LLC to Paul Kemp Family, LLC, 2890 Wilson Avenue.

Paul R. and Judith C. Kemp to Paul Kemp Family, LLC, 775 Scott Court.

Paul Kemp Family, LLC, to Paul Kemp Family, LLC, 775 Scott Court.

Lisa J. Sutton and Richard A. Tewksbury to Rivertown Digs, LLC, land parcel.

Gary K. Kemper to Gary K. Kemper Professional Corporation, 218 East Second Street.

Michael D. Caldwell to Justin R. Robertson and Mikon c. Jackson, 921 South Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

David William Snodgrass to David W. Snodgrass, 609 East Second Street.

David L. Leland and Deborah K. Leland to Philip L. and Jennifer L. Smith, 5516 West Greenbriar Road, Hanover.

Flynn Investment, Co, LLC, to Cassandra White, 206 South Sycamore Street, Hanover.

First Financial Bank to Mainsource Bank and Scott Lynch Realty, 400+ Mulberry Street.

Yvonne Bruther, Kenneth Evan Bruther, Karen Kay Wilson and Fritzi Lee Jackson to Tandy Development Inc., 200+ West Kuntz Road, Hanover.

John J. Anderson to Nicholas J. Anderson, 430 Cedarwood Court.

J Nash Crafton, LLC. to BuddyDale, LLC and Donnie Law, 1731 Allen Street.