Danny E. Beck and Angela J. Beck to Nicholas W. Huttsell, 7736 East Brushy Fork Road.

Jason M. Maxwell and Miranda J. Bailey to Miranda J. Maxwell and Zack Hatton, 410 West Second Street.

Derek R. Herrick and James L. Rogers to George R. and Lila L. Scott, 2227 Marshall Place.

Andrew D. and Karen L. Lytle to Andrew L. and Sarah J. Lytle, 2785 East Cross Road.

Jeremy Michael Marshall to Courtney Nicole Marshall, 2796 North Rykers Ridge Road.

David and Mary Fleming to Bridget M. Skvara, 118 Joes Lane, Hanover.

Phillips Development, Inc. to Darren Gaebel, 380 North Lakeside Drive.

William G. Bruther to Johnnie R. and Toni G. Adkins, 524 River Road, Hanover.

Brent A. and Megan E. Turner and Richard L. and Angela S. Skirvin, 1175 East River Bluff Lake Drive.

Charles N. Grooms III, and Charles N. Grooms II to Charles N. Grooms, and Bryan K. Grooms, 618 West Second Street.

Harry Dobbins Properties LLC. to Joseph Pettit, 1833 East Key Avenue.

Howard V. and Kimberly K. Watterson Bell to Howard V. Bell, 600+ East Street.

Phillip W. Meredith to 52W, LLC., 52 West Second Street.

Nichole Brooke Nolan to David and Stephanie Pierson, 3533 North Jefferson Lake Road.