Mary Ellen Harbaugh to Robert and Mary Ellen Hamby, 2083 Galway Trail North.

SAVVY, IN, LLC., to INDYRE, LLC., 3613 Clifty Drive.

Wesley D. Bayne to Roderic Ball and Regina A. Sudduth-Ball, 9338 East Tate Ridge Road.

Dewona Kay Chamberlain and Daniel W. Chamberlain, to Dewona Kay and Daniel W. Chamberlain, 1127 Walnut Street.

Dewona Kay Chamberlain and Daniel W. Chamberlain, to Daniel W. Chamberlain and Dewona Kay Chamberlain, land parcel.

Christian Nicole Gentry to Christian Nicole Gentry and Danny Lee Kellams, 167 West Kuntz Road, Hanover.

Donald L. Pruett to Brittany J. and Cheston L. Hall, 4120 West Redbud Lane, Hanover.

Donald Ray Marshall, Clarence Wayne Marshall, Larry Gene Marshall, John K. Marshall and Mary A. Marshall to Donald R. Marshall, 8175 West New Bethel Road, Lexington.

Vicky Schirmer to Nancy Pyles, 3471 West State Road 256.

Curtis D. Carter to Allen Douglas and Connie J. Purcell, 1090 North Borcherding Road.

Carroll Landon Ralston to Kendall B. Withered, 2730 Meadowwood Drive.

Brian K. Peak to Christopher T. Owens, 1118 West Second Street.

Wanda DeLaine McClure to Detmer Enterprises, LLC., 1514 Crozier Avenue.

Daniel Menke, Paula J. Menke and Menke Family Trust to Gene and Diana Shilkrot, 2488 Woods Edge Drive.

Dennis Bowyer, Linda L. Turner and Bradley C. Turner to Laci B. Schirmer, 2409 South College Hills Drive, Hanover.