Adrian R. Vest and Angela M. Vest to Adron R. an Angela M. Vest, 1928 Wolf Trails Drive, Madison.

Delta D. Bussey to Delta D. Fairbrother and John C. Fairbrother, 2243 Crescent Street, Madison.

Jacob R. Beverly to Katianna Elizabeth Lewis, 1927 Vanburen Drive, Madison.

Donald K. and Anita M. Ball to Scott and Jacqueline Bomholt, 2167 E. Valley View Trail, Madison.

Patricia S. Britt to Olegario Mendez Zorilla, 7743 W. New Bethel Road, Lexington.

Keneth D. Stewart II and Sarah A. Stewart to Keneth D. Stewart II and Sarah A Stewart, 7050+, 7100+, 7170+ and 7160 W. 900 South, Nabb.

Larry Wayne Peak to Marcus Burgess and Amanda Burgess, 150 N. Sycamore St., Hanover.

Charlene Dalmbert and Robert L. Dalmbert (estate) to Robert L. Dalmbert (trust), 21 total parcels in Deputy and Paris Crossing areas.

Farmers Bank of Milton to Brandi Corya and Jeffrey Galka, 5602 E. Pleasant Ridge Road, Madison

Escada Land Trust to Pettit Properties LLC, 4650 East State Road 56, Madison.

Tonya Rousch to Danah Hay, 8374 West State Road 356, Lexington.