William E. and Donna Sue Pettitt to Timothy and Kasie Bachman, 7010+ Majors Road, Hanover.

Jason D. Prather to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 5077 S. Davis Road, Lexington.

Robert Scott Boldery, Leah Elaine Boldery-Huber and Darla Elizabeth Friend, personal representatives to the estate of Glenitta Gae Boldery, to Bruce A. and Cheryl A. Tandy, 800+ Thomas Hill Road.

Haley V. Macon to Michael E. Cardwell, 1601 Cragmont St.

Philip E. and Susan E. Ayer to William A. and Stephanie D. Savage, 516 East St.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Housing and Urban Development, 4754 S. Hanover-Saluda Road, Hanover.

Joey C. Acker to Joey C. Acker and Allen C. Cochran, 522 Gray St., Hanover.

Charles Keith and Jeanne Pate to Tim Morrison, 4251 S. County Road 850-W, Hanover.

Black’s Landing LLC to Benjamin R. and Rebekah R. Canida, 801 W. First St.

Benjamin R. and Rebekah R. Canida to Richard and Sallie Plass, 811 W. First St.

Vernon C. Johnson and the Vernon C. Johnson Revocable Trust to Robert L. and Daniele E. Geary, 10678 W. Ford Road, Lexington.

Stephan W. Dake to Stephan W. Dake and the Stephan W. Dake Revocable Trust, 9260+ E. Doe Run Road; 9269 E. Doe Run Road; 9000+ E. Doe Run Road; 1018 N. Comley Hill Road; and 8000+ E. Doe Run Road.

Goldenrod Meadows LLC to John D. Schuring and William E. Pettit, 700+ S. Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

John D. Schuring and William E. Pettit to Julie Brawner and Alicia Lemnitz, 700+ S. Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

Raymond E. Phillips to Robert M. Rowlett, 9400+ W. Deputy Pike, Deputy.

Robert A. Singleton, personal representative to the estate of William E. Matthews, to John A. Dahlem, 2503 Branch St.

Lisa G. Pennington, Linda L. Hendricks and Keith Allan Kessler to Melvin Dean and Deborah Ford, 5495 W. State Road 56, Hanover.

Megan E. Mitchell to Jonathan T. Moore, 2357 Seneca Drive.

2319 Lanier LLC to Donald B. Lynch and Linda Harrell, 2319 Lanier Drive.

Linda Harrell to Jensen Holdings LLC, 2319 Lanier Drive.

Connie Macrander, Sandra Stanley and Janet Degler, personal representatives to the estate of Robert N. Adams, to Terry L. Barker, 4240 S. Carmel Road, Hanover.