Alison K. Watkins to Jason T. Watkins, 1299 South County Road 1233 West, Lexington.

Michael E. Fair and Mike Pardue to Donald and Brenda Gunter, 8500 North East Prong Road.

Frank L. and Linda K. Marsh to Frank L. Marsh, Linda K. Marsh and Marsh Family Trust, 6022 South Saluda Paynesville Road, Hanover.

Frank L. and Linda K. Marsh to Frank L. Marsh, Linda K. Marsh and Marsh Family Trust, 8180 West Kent State Road 256.

Tandy Development Inc. to Betty L. Sexton, 821 West First Street.

Routon Family Living Trust, Claude O. Routon and Rebecca S. Routon to Claude O. and Rebecca S. Routon, 4118 West State Road 56, Hanover.

Paul S. and Jill S. Sells to Ashley L. and Nathan E. Ferguson, 3049 North County Road 850 West.

Thomas Bowyer and Regina Bowyer to June O. Taylor, 6688 North County Road 1000 West, Commiskey.

Ronald L. Chandler, Mary M. Chandler and Chandler Family Trust to Randy Lugo, 3355 North Quail Drive.

Bertha Ilene Anger to Wolfe Capital Investments, LLC, 604 Jefferson Street.

Michael G. and Kimberly D. Gibson to Whitney N. and Courtney N. Gibson, 290 West Cardinal Court.

Derek Ray Alexander to Derek Ray Alexander, Brandon Alexander and Dora Ann Powell, 3414 North Paper Mill Road.

Yolanda Simmons to Andrew Simmons, 2488 North K Road.

Linda Alcorn to Lisa R. May, 11648 North Alcorn Road, Canaan.

Mark and Marilyn Christian to William W. Weaver Jr. and Crystal D. Weaver, 130 Jessup Lane.

Leroy R. Swanson to Willmer Morris Jr., 7280 Whippoorwill Road, Canaan.

Erica L. Lynn to Chelsey and Andrew Morris, 7169 West Warman Road, Hanover.

M & M Investment Group, LLC to Pettit Properties, LLC., 1630 Washington Avenue.

Richard and Barbara Roberts to Tuffy Deals Inc., 7836 and 7816 West Kent State Road 256.

Earl and Ethel Faye Lamb to Curtis Earl Lamb, Earl Lamb and Ethel Faye Lamb, 2448 North County Road 1250 West, Deputy.

Samuel S. Read to Gwendolyn A. Read, 6433 West South Street, Dupont.

DID Trust, DID Trust and Cathy D. Ellis to Damon J. and Karen D. McMahan, 130 Bunton Lane.

Kelly Hostetler to William D. and Lesa H. Shepherd, 7600+ South River Bottom Road, Hanover.

Luxor SFR SPV 1, LLC. to Alto Asset Company 2 LLC. and SRMZ 4 Asset Company 2, LLC., 950 South Goldenrod Lane, Hanover.

Madison Properties, LLC to B & K Assets, LLC., 200 Bank Street.

Kristen S. Kozenski to Jonathan T. Benefiel and Katie J. Stack house, 2063 East Valley View Trail.