Charles M. Binzer and Martha J. Binzer to Binzer House, LLC., land parcel.

Elmer H. Hardwick Jr. and Anitra G. Ostos to Allessandro Nonato Zuniga, 10850 West State Road 256, Lexington.

Logan M. Gray to Matheney Living Trust, 711 East First Street.

Cody L. Randall and Megan S Huber to Donna L. Hooper, 2482 Franks Drive.

Patsy Craig and Joel Auxier to German American Bank, 1229 Wells Drive.

Bill and Penny Bruce to Cynthia A. Eaves, 120 East Crowe Street, Hanover.

Alex W. and Rebecca C. Schaefer to Alex W. and Rebecca C. Schaefer, 8867 South State Road 62, Nabb.

Lawrence J. Clark to V & G Properties, LLC., 4022 North State Road 3, Deputy.

Cassandra S. Innamorato and Louis Daniel Innamorato Sr., to Premier Trust, Inc, Vivian McIntosh-Gregory and Vivian McIntosh-Gregory IRA, 1463 South County Road 1066 West, Lexington.

Thomas O. Kunze to Thomas O. Kunze, Kelley M. Slayton and Joshua D. Kunze, 7440 West Dogwood Lane.

Roy Howard and Karla Sue Conn to Susan Howard Schafer, 2720 Gladiola Lane.