Lastarr D. Heiliger to Roxann Davis, 703 Montclair Street.

Matthew Harsh and Phillip Lucas to Diane Rush, 515 Hanover Drive, Hanover.

Timothy Lee McGlothlin to Delano Bowyer, 7770 East B-Burg Riverview Drive.

Ashley D. Shelton and Matthew B. Shelton to Mattie M. Manuel, 10625 North Rutledge Road, Dupont.

Kirby C. Gunter to Justin Cheynan Gunter, 5768 West Hensler Road, Hanover.

Robert E. Page to Robert E. Page, Theodore E. Page, William E. Page and Ricky J. Page, land parcel on West State Road 56.

Kevin Williams to Santiago Luviano and Tonya Luvanio, 940 South Goldenrod Lane., Hanover.

June Nighbert and Bill L. Nighbert to Lonnie D. and Judith M. Collins, land parcel.

Christopher D. Hamm to Omar Ji Jon and Edna Jazmin Rabanales Morales, 3255 West Black Road.

Phillip L. Joyce to Karen S. Joyce, 4458 West Reed Road, Hanover.

Karen S. Joyce to Phillip L. Joyce, 4458 West Reed Road, Hanover.