Jefferson County

Margaret W. Hoffman Bridgford to Catherine F. Brands, 132 Mouser St., Madison

Melissa S. Backus, to Joseph L. Sr. and Shirley L. Montgomery, 10837 N. West Ford Road, Madison

Donald Wayne Green to Melissa Backus, 3716 N. Greenway Drive, Madison

Kyle E. Perry to Matthew Allen, 2556 Franks Driver, Madison

Danielle Duncan to Jacob A. and Sarah E. Horn, 313 Marine St., Hanover

James A. Craig and David J. Craig to John A. and Sherry D. Craig, 1931 Fairway St., Madison

Gary W. Lauderbaugh to Deborah A. Powell, 418 Roosevelt Ave., Madison

Michael T. and Sandra Shelton to William D. and Kamille N. Borcherding, 3707 N. 1450 West, Deputy

I.L. Bunton and Sally Bunton to Madison Properties LLC, 160+ Autumnwood Lane, Madison

I.L. Bunton to Harold and Wanda Hunt, 162 Autumnwood Lane, Madison

Donald L. Kehrt to IRAR Trust and Jean M. Cleary, 700 N. Bee Camp Road, Madison

Daniel G. and Melanie E. Reed to Jordan M. Schnebelt, 5129 W. Deputy Pike Road, Madison

Aaron Thorpe to William Jeffrey Jr. and Tara Nicle Corbin, 4066 E. Pleasant Road Road, Madison

Williams J. Corbin Jr. and Tara N. Corbin to Daniel L. and Susan Y. Avery, 59 Country Manor Blvd. Madison

Sarah M. Shewmaker to Charles H. and Leneigha S. Downs, 130 W. Marion Drive, Hanover.